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Dive into a partnership that moves you from point A to point B, not just efficiently but effectively—a transformation that’s been 25 years in the making—yours.

Business Coaching - With A Personal Touch

Hi! I am Sonya

Life & Business Coaching. Consultant.

The trusted ally and mentor you have been looking for…

 25+ years of experience,  in the business trenches of the family building company. 

I’ve distilled my knowledge, successes, and lessons learned into a specialised Builders Coach & Consultant.  

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“Call This Chick – Helping Builders In Business”

So Who Is This Chick

I’m Sonya, and I help awesome builders like yourself build a business that works for you, ensuring more time in your day, more profit in your pocket, and far less stress in your life.

My story (the short version)

I was Born into ‘Builders Life’ and grew up with and into the family business. I experienced the industry rollercoaster ride as a kid, and from 2003, I worked in and on the business. It is a juggling act, especially when trying to do it all, and the lines get blurry. One foot in operator mode, one in business owner mode. I get it Wearing all the hats over every facet of the business, from marketing, sales, project management, and customer service to managing your people. Not to forget trying to have a personal life.

Naturally, after 50+ years in business, my folks retired, and so did the business. As a result, I was at a crossroads of what next? It was like the pause I wished for throughout the last 25 years of the hustle and bustle of business life. I had time on my hands, reflecting on everything and coming up with zero regrets.  What I did come up with. 

The Reality. When you are a business owner, life is business, and business is life. It’s about striking a sweet harmony between them both. It is a lifestyle.  You chose this path as a skilled builder, turning dreams into reality.  You chose to be a business owner.  Now, the problem is how to do that. How do you have a business owner lifestyle— with less stress and more success?

You focus on building a business lifestyle by design, not default. This means more happiness, better work-life balance, and smarter money management. Just like constructing a dream home requires a blueprint, solid foundation, and detailed planning, designing your life and business should be approached with the same care and precision for a fulfilling and successful future.

Fast-forward to now. I see my journey in the family business as more than just about building homes for clients and running the business. It was about building a valuable wealth of knowledge for business success. To provide solutions and drive success for builders just like you, I’ve distilled my knowledge, successes, and lessons learned into a specialised Builders—Business Lifestyle Coaching & Consultant.   

Why ‘Call This Chick’?

Have you ever found yourself in a bind and thought, “I need someone who knows their stuff”? That’s where I come in. “Call Sonya! She’ll know what to do!”—has been the mantra for those who’ve worked with me.   From the business owner skill set and sales juggling to seamless project management and everything. I’ve fine-tuned the art of making businesses not just survive but thrive.  Known in our world as the ‘go to’ person with the answers.  Has become my calling, the foundation of: Call This Chick’ – Helping Builders In Business. 

 The Mission

To help business owners Build a business that works for you, ensuring more time in your day, more profit in your pocket, and far less stress in your life. To build a life by design that is not ruled by your Business

By consciously designing your business lifestyle, you’re not just building structures; you’re building a life where business success and personal fulfilment coexist harmoniously. You have the power to shape your business in a way that supports the life you want to live. It’s about making intentional choices that lead to a fulfilling, balanced lifestyle where you control your time, business, and happiness.

25 years in the making, this ‘valuable bundle’ delivers you a collection of tools, wisdom, and the confidence needed to smash your professional and personal goals through dedicated coaching, strategic foresight, and unwavering support. The aim of the game is to guide you towards a straightforward, predictable, and progressive blueprint for success. It’s about consistent wins in your business and life every year.  

“When you Build your business with strong foundations first, a well-designed structure, with a success plan, 

you set up a business and life that stands the test of time”

Who Is This For?

Builders who are seeking clear direction, efficiency, systematic success, and a balance of profitability and pleasure. 

Designed for builders at any stage:

  • Grow. Thrive.  Start-Up to Reach $1 Million: You want to lay the groundwork and build strong business foundations and do it right.  To grow the best way.
  • Pivot. Prosper.  Hit Over $1 Million, Ready to Pivot and Do It Right: Partnering with established builders who’ve tasted initial success and are poised to take their business to the next level.
  • Reset. Strengthen.  Oops, We Have Grown but Were Not Ready and Need to Fix Things: builders who’ve rapidly grown now face the challenge of scaling wisely.

Even successful builders who have nailed it in business keep pondering; there is more in me! What’s next?

Transforming Your Business

Ready for a massive pivot?  Build Your Life by Design, Not by Default, for less stress and more success.

From endless job site hustle to strategic advancement and a path to clear direction. ‘Call This Chick – Helping Builders in Business’ offers you an unshakable ally. Together, we’ll untangle the industry’s nuances and strike the freedom of success you’ve been chasing.

Your Business. Your Life. Your Success.

Engage in a partnership that propels you from point A to point B with unmatched effectiveness. This is your moment for a deep transformation, years in the making—yours.

If you have tried doing it solo without results or want to get there faster. It’s okay to take the guided path!

Why Work With This Chick Sonya?

There is no magic trick, and I am no magician!

“I’m grounded in reality and passionate about business—acknowledging that while business is a significant part of life, finding the right balance is crucial.

Admittedly, I don’t know everything. But, here’s what I do know:

Your success is my success.

This means dedication to your  results

Choosing to work together means:

  • Building on Solid Foundations: I’ll provide you with clear, simple, and repeatable strategies that you can apply both in your business and your personal life for ongoing success.

  • No-Nonsense Growth: Expect step-by-step guidance focused purely on growth and results. We cut through the fluff, stick to the facts, and achieve real progress.

What you gain:

  • Direct, Practical Advice: Lean on my firsthand experience for straightforward solutions. No more feeling stuck and not knowing what to do next.
  • Proven Business Strategies: Implement validated methods for boosting time efficiency and profits.
  • Unwavering Support: I’m here to support you every step of the way. Build confidence, questions answered, there is nothing stopping you now!
  • Strategic Planning: Learn to effectively plan for your business and design the life you envision. Achieve your goals.
  • Solutions to Eliminate Chaos: Find the right business solutions to streamline your processes and increase productivity, onboard personal with ease.
  • Clarify Sales & Marketing: Get in front of your perfect client, convert the sales and ravings fans with value.
  • Accountability and Focus: Stay on track with your goals and overcome any obstacles.
  • Skill Enhancement: Be prepared for life’s surprises with polished skills. Building resilience and adaptability, means for less stress.


If you’ve been struggling on your own or simply want to accelerate your journey, remember: two heads are better than one.

Are you ready to elevate your business and achieve your desired outcomes? Let’s connect and make it happen.


To ignite a movement of builders who master the art of running streamlined businesses free from chaos, empowering them to live life entirely on their own terms.


To serve and support builders by providing expert coaching, strategic planning, and implementation guidance, ensuring their success year after year in both business and life.

Your Business.
Your Life.
Your Success.